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Today’s high output, close tolerance engines are more dependent than ever on quality remanufacturing procedures,durable parts and precise machining. One of the best ways to assure long bearing life in today’s engines is to make sure the journals on the crankshaft are properly polished.

The oil film between the journals on the crankshaftand the loaded portion of the main and rod bearings is only about.00005″ thick when the engine is running. If the journalsare too rough or have burrs, particles or other debris that sticksup above the surface, it can abrade the bearings and increasebearing wear and the risk of bearing seizure.

Engine Block Work

When an engine is rebuilt, the cylinders usually need attention. Wear tends to create taper in the upper part of the cylinder that can reduce ring sealing and increase blowby and oil consumption if not removed. The cylinder may also be out of round, scored or have other damage that requires correcting before a new set of rings will seal properly.

The main objective when refinishing the cylinders is to make the walls as straight as possible (no taper), the bores as round as possible (minimal distortion, which is especially important with low tension rings), to have the right amount of crosshatch for good oil retention and ring support, and to produce a surface finish that meets the requirements of the rings. This is done by boring and/or honing the cylinders in one or several steps with various types of abrasives (vitrified or diamond).

After honing, the cylinders need to be cleaned remove residual abrasive and metallic debris that is left in the bores. Washing and scrubbing with warm soapy water will remove most of the unwanted material. But washing alone does not loosen or remove surface “swarf” such as torn or folded metal that can wear rings and delay ring seating. The only way to get rid of this material and smooth the bores is to “polish” the bores after honing with some type of flexible abrasive brush.

complete head work

  • Surface grinding
  • Valve seat insert replacement
  • Valve guide replacement
  • Injector tube replacement
  • Pressure testing
  • Rebuilding and machining manifold faces
  • Pre-combustion chamber thread repair
  • 3 Angle Valve Jobs
  • Straighten Heads

Engine Dyno

A dynamometer is a measuring tool to help optimize engine combinations and find small problems before they turn into catastrophic failures. And they’re not just for racers. Everyday enthusiasts can tune their engine for better drivability, fuel economy and power.

While horsepower numbers dominate bench racing in the garage, the first-time dyno customer should have clearer understanding of the primary objectives for an initial dyno test.

Racing Engines 

We are an automotive machine shop and Dyno service. We grind crankshafts, bore blocks, complete head work, balancing, drive shaft work, align boring blocks, and dynoing.

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